Friday, August 13, 2010


i'm actually really allergic to my cat. she sleeps in my bed every night and i'm ok as long as i
dont touch her. sometimes i give her a pat with a blanket over my hand but then it becomes
too much. i give in and i have to give her a big squeeze and cuddle and kiss to make up for all
the neglect ive had to show her. this always ends up with my nose crying like a baby, me
sneezing every second breath and talking to myself because i am so grogged up on all the nasal spray in the southern hemisphere and the anti histamines in australia. im still
contemplating if its worth it or not. anyway the other day anna and i turned my allergies into a
good situation and tried to look at it in a different way. anna took a really cool photo of me
sneezing which i think should be hanging up in some avant garde, art critics hallway who is
willing to buy such a photo for some un godly amount. all the while anna and i will be rich from
the sale and will have enough money for me to be cured from cat allergies FOREVER.

sorry that that was just the biggest RANT in the world but yeah story of my life

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  1. I quite like these photos and random rants on your blog, but why can't I follow it!??